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Property Management

We manage day-to-day operations, handle administrative responsibilities, and provide proper advice to increase your property’s value.

As a property owner you almost feel your property runs by itself
Bookkeeping has never been easier. We supervise, collect and handle all your accounts and payments to manage your fiscal year the best way possible. Our specialized accounting department is always ready to nurture all tenants/owners with adequate reports and update you with accrued debts, invoices and collections status.
Property management services targets co-ownership
association properties whether they are residential,
commercial or mixed use

We Manage Your Property With Integrity,
Professionalism And Efficiency
While You Focus On What Matters.
Our Services

Onsite Presence

Ensure continuous onsite presence
Fill maintenance supervision checklist
Check generators fuel and water levels
Oversee the execution of all works done including the electro mechanical and the onsite services
Supervise and manage the property employees


General assembly (1 per year) by convoking owners and submitting detailed balance
Study internal statue of the property and ensure the owners best interests
Assist in sending legal warnings to any co-owner who is not complying with the property by-laws or not settlinghis financial obligations related to the property


Ensure a 24/7 on call emergency maintenance service
Coordinate with all suppliers and 3rd party providers for property visits
Manage maintenance providers, develop a recommendation and future task list
Handle the administration of internal and external communication: 3rd parties & governmental bodies (Municipalities, ministry of finance, governmental authorities)
Provide operational reports and status updates on asset works.


Procure consumables and supply tenders to the general assembly president for approval
Supervise and control the quality of execution of all works done


Establish yearly provisional budgets
Calculate the co-owners shares allocation based on provisional budget
Prepare bi-yearly comprehensive financial statements (receivables status, year to date expenses, payables, balance sheet)
Maintain the accounting books which includes all the receipts and expenditures and preset a yearly statement to the owner at the end of the contractual year
Collect and follow up on co-owners financial
Ensure bank reconciliation


Provide insurance consultancy (if required)
Advise on appropriate insurance policy coverage

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